The Moral Backbone of a Chocolate Eclair
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While you met with McCreary, Santiago placed a fire hydrant in front of your car which she then towed away.

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The shirt I got was thirty. But they range from 30$ to 45$ depending on which shirt you want. And the sweatshirt they sell is 60$.

lol well I’m definitely not going for the sweatshirt as much as i desperately want it!

Thanks for letting me know! I will probably get one of the $30 ones! :P

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hey people who have gone to the Bastille concerts lately: how much should I expect the T-Shirts to cost? $25?

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"I mean I believe in an afterlife and I believe in a god and I believe that god doesn’t want me to have sex but ghosts?"
— John Mulaney (Mulaney)
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